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Assuming Windows Server 2012 R2

How to get started with IIS?

  • Server Manager > Add Roles and Features
  • Server Roles = Web Server (IIS)
  • Server Features - make sure .net framework and all installed.

Afterwards: http://localhost/ should work

Using Web Platform Installer?

Web Deploy

  • This makes deploying Visual Studio websites much easier
  • Use Web Platform Installer (WPI) to install Web Deploy (for Hosting Servers)
  • If its showing as installed already, go to Programs and Features and make sure all features of Web Deploy is enabled.

Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

  • Server Name > Sites > (Default Web Site)
  • Right Click > Deploy > Configure Web Deploy Publishing
  • There should be a file to save.

How to deploy from Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio: Web Application
  • should be mvc
  • Solution > Project > Right Click > Publish
  • Import file from previous step.