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Twitter is a social networking service.

Interacting with the API revolves around posting messages and view specific users' messages.

Twitter API Documentation

Querying the Twitter API - Both single requests and mass queued up "GET ALL THE TWEETS" - how it was done.

Data Mining - attempts

Possible Applications

With this basic grasp of the twitter api, I created the Auto feature which makes multiple GET /statuses/user_timeline to a specific user to download all the user's tweets. Once downloaded these tweets can be analysed in different ways. Here are few of them.

  • tweet features
    • What hashtags does/did this person use and how often?
    • Which users does this person reply to and how often?
    • What tweets did this person retweet?
    • What twitter clients does this person use and how often?
    • Time of day when person tends to post.
  • deeper thinking