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Installing rtorrent and rutorrent


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install automake apache2 apache2-utils autoconf build-essential ca-certificates comerr-dev libapache2-mod-php5 libcloog-ppl-dev libcppunit-dev libcurl3 libcurl4-openssl-dev libncurses5-dev ncurses-base ncurses-term libterm-readline-gnu-perl libsigc++-2.0-dev libssl-dev libtool libxml2-dev ntp openssl patch libperl-dev php5 php5-cli php5-dev php5-fpm php5-curl php5-geoip php5-mcrypt php5-xmlrpc pkg-config python-scgi dtach ssl-cert subversion unrar zlib1g-dev pkg-config unzip htop irssi curl cfv vim screen

Required folders

mkdir -p /root/rtorrent/downloads
mkdir -p /root/rtorrent/.session

Downloading required files

cd /
mkdir source
cd source
svn co https://xmlrpc-c.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xmlrpc-c/stable xmlrpc
curl http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/downloads/libtorrent-0.13.3.tar.gz | tar xz
curl http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/downloads/rtorrent-0.9.3.tar.gz | tar xz

Installing / Configuring xmlrpc

cd xmlrpc
./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-libxml2-backend --disable-libwww-client --disable-wininet-client --disable-abyss-server --disable-cgi-server
sudo make install

Installing / Configuring libtorrent

cd ../libtorrent-0.13.3
./configure --prefix=/usr 
make -j2
sudo make install

Installing / Configuring rtorrent

cd ../rtorrent-0.9.3
./configure --prefix=/usr --with-xmlrpc-c 
make -j2
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Install rutorrent and plugins

cd /var/www/
svn checkout http://rutorrent.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/rutorrent rutorrent
svn checkout http://rutorrent.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/plugins plugins
rm -rf rutorrent/plugins
mv plugins/ rutorrent/
chmod -R 777 rutorrent/share/*
sudo apt-get install mediainfo ffmpeg
rm -rf rutorrent/plugins/rutracker_check

Installing webmin (not rtorrent specific but still good to have)

wget http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin_1.610_all.deb
dpkg --install webmin_1.610_all.deb

Example ~.rtorrent.rc

# This is an example resource file for rTorrent. Copy to
# ~/.rtorrent.rc and enable/modify the options as needed. Remember to
# uncomment the options you wish to enable.
# Based on original .rtorrent.rc file from http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/
# Modified by Lemonberry for rtGui http://rtgui.googlecode.com/

# Maximum and minimum number of peers to connect to per torrent.
#min_peers = 40
max_peers = 100

# Same as above but for seeding completed torrents (-1 = same as downloading)
min_peers_seed = -1
max_peers_seed = -1

# Maximum number of simultanious uploads per torrent.
max_uploads = 50

# Global upload and download rate in KiB. "0" for unlimited.
download_rate = 0
upload_rate = 0

# Default directory to save the downloaded torrents.
directory = /root/rtorrent/downloads

# Default session directory. Make sure you don't run multiple instance
# of rtorrent using the same session directory. Perhaps using a
# relative path?
session = /root/rtorrent/.session

# Watch a directory for new torrents, and stop those that have been
# deleted.
schedule = watch_directory,5,5,load_start=/root/rtorrent/watch/*.torrent
schedule = untied_directory,5,5,stop_untied=

# Close torrents when diskspace is low. */
schedule = low_diskspace,5,60,close_low_diskspace=100M

# Stop torrents when reaching upload ratio in percent,
# when also reaching total upload in bytes, or when
# reaching final upload ratio in percent.
# example: stop at ratio 2.0 with at least 200 MB uploaded, or else ratio 20.0
#schedule = ratio,60,60,stop_on_ratio=200,200M,2000

# When the torrent finishes, it executes "mv -n <base_path> ~/Download/"
# and then sets the destination directory to "~/Download/". (0.7.7+)
# on_finished = move_complete,"execute=mv,-u,$d.get_base_path=,/home/downloads/<username>/complete/ ;d.set_directory=/root/rtorrent/complete/"

# The ip address reported to the tracker.
#ip =
#ip = rakshasa.no

# The ip address the listening socket and outgoing connections is
# bound to.
#bind =
#bind = rakshasa.no

# Port range to use for listening.
port_range = 55995-56000

# Start opening ports at a random position within the port range.
#port_random = yes

scgi_port =

# Check hash for finished torrents. Might be usefull until the bug is
# fixed that causes lack of diskspace not to be properly reported.
#check_hash = no

# Set whetever the client should try to connect to UDP trackers.
#use_udp_trackers = no

# Alternative calls to bind and ip that should handle dynamic ip's.
#schedule = ip_tick,0,1800,ip=rakshasa
#schedule = bind_tick,0,1800,bind=rakshasa

# Encryption options, set to none (default) or any combination of the following:
# allow_incoming, try_outgoing, require, require_RC4, enable_retry, prefer_plaintext
# The example value allows incoming encrypted connections, starts unencrypted
# outgoing connections but retries with encryption if they fail, preferring
# plaintext to RC4 encryption after the encrypted handshake
encryption = allow_incoming,enable_retry,prefer_plaintext

# Enable DHT support for trackerless torrents or when all trackers are down.
# May be set to "disable" (completely disable DHT), "off" (do not start DHT),
# "auto" (start and stop DHT as needed), or "on" (start DHT immediately).
# The default is "off". For DHT to work, a session directory must be defined.
dht = auto
# UDP port to use for DHT.
dht_port = 6881
# Enable peer exchange (for torrents not marked private)
peer_exchange = yes

# Do not modify the following parameters unless you know what you're doing.

# Example of scheduling commands: Switch between two ip's every 5
# seconds.
#schedule = "ip_tick1,5,10,ip=torretta"
#schedule = "ip_tick2,10,10,ip=lampedusa"

# Remove a scheduled event.
#schedule_remove = "ip_tick1"

Added this to raspberry pi to stop after torrent finished at 100%

# Enable the default ratio group.

# Change the limits, the defaults should be sufficient.

# Changing the command triggered when the ratio is reached.
system.method.set = group.seeding.ratio.command, d.close=, d.erase=

Run on Startup

put this in crontab -e

 @reboot screen -dmUS rtorrent /usr/bin/rtorrent